The character has been part of the series' story since the '60s, when he was a GRU Officer in the Soviet Union and was tasked with killing the future Big Boss. [5], Zell was designed to look and act like the main character of a shōnen manga (Japanese comic books intended primarily for boys);[8] his neighbors in Balamb describe him as a "'comic-bookish' type of hero". [117] Julia is the only character in the game with an explicit character theme, named "Julia", which is a piano arrangement of Eyes On Me. [8], Edea Kramer (イデア・クレイマー, Idea Kureimā) is initially presented as a power-hungry sorceress who seizes control of Galbadia from President Deling. For her part, Quistis never shows any indication of being aware of their existence. Currently, it updates all of the background files for the game by using a GAN I trained to generate the images. Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (GUM) This mod is a WIP (WORK IN PROGRESS). Gear only sold Locally. A man named Zone is the leader, and Rinoa and Watts are members. Fujin (風神, Fūjin) is a young woman with pale skin, short silver hair and an eye patch. Final Fantasy VIII Minor Character. You eventually find their roles are reversed and that he himself would fade when they defeat big boss. A fervent writer, consumer of media and all-around chill person, Zuri strives to bring discussion to the media we indulge in daily. She’s a rare character in that she actively works to make Squall fall for her, eventually succeeding with flying colours. The Deuteragonist (from Greek: second actor) is the second important character in the story; the first is, of course, The Protagonist. Nomura, also the director of the Guardian Force animation sequences, wanted to create a greater impact than the summon cinematics of Final Fantasy VII. Character Texture Project by FatedCourage[/b] Art by Magochocobo, with additions/edits by Devina, Crestian, and Yagami Light ... * Use "FF8_Ultra_Launcher.exe" to Launch the game! Raijin (雷神) is a member of Balamb Garden's disciplinary committee with Seifer and Fujin;[99] the three form a close "posse", as he calls it. Leviathan was created as a test and included in a game demo. Most people of Timber are affiliated with a resistance group, although the Forest Owls are the only active ones.[114]. It also has two superbosses at the end of the game, Ultima and Omega weapon , the last one, being the most difficult monster in … [8] In Kingdom Hearts II, a younger version of Fujin, named "Fuu" (フウ), appears as a member of Seifer's gang. Irvine Kinneas (アーヴァイン・キニアス, Āvain Kiniasu) is a student at Galbadia Garden, one of the three mercenary academies in the game. He wields a pair of katar (कटार) or gauntlet-daggers, with which he repeatedly slices his enemies in his Limit Break, Blood Pain. [48] In battle, Fujin wields a chakram and uses wind-based magic. [132] Game Revolution cited similar praise, agreeing that the change "really makes the graphics impressive". He rarely speaks and has the reputation of being a lone wolf. Seifer is a temporary playable character during the Squad B field exam. She gets involved in the plot because she supervises Squad B, which includes Squall, Zell and Seifer Almasy. [13] Boko has his own game called Chocobo World that can be downloaded from the PlayStation disc onto a PocketStation game unit. [22], Rinoa Heartilly (リノア・ハーティリー, Rinoa Hātirī) is the primary female protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII. Because he is an NPC, he does not have a listed age or birthday. [126] She is friends with Quistis and a member of Squall's staff once he becomes the leader of Balamb Garden. He also has ties to many main party members. With that said, here are all the main characters of Final Fantasy VIII and their basic information! The tenth game of the Final Fantasy series, Square's 2001 best-selling role-playing video game Final Fantasy X features several fictional characters designed by Tetsuya Nomura who wanted the main characters' designs and names to be connected with their personalities and roles in the plot. [132] Moreover, the review stated that the character designs and graphical quality allowed the characters to "convey emotions much more dramatically". Zell attacks with punches and kicks, his weapons being gloves,[68] and his Limit Break, Duel, requires the player to input button combinations on the controller to deal damage. This tier list has been put together by members of the Tiering Team of the GS Official Discord server. His superior, Balamb Garden's master NORG, orders him to use SeeD members to carry out the assassination plot against Sorceress Edea. He and his wife, Flo, detest violence and oppose the Garden's presence in their territory. Julia eventually marries Galbadian military officer General Caraway and has a daughter, Rinoa. RELATED: Final Fantasy 8 Remastered: 10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting The Game. The best tactic is to start with three major one that are different to each character, then (when they will be on a good level) you can start to give some points to other. [41] He has a habit of ending his sentences with "ya know" (もんよ, mon'yo, in the Japanese version). After Laguna becomes President of Esthar, his duties thwart his efforts to return to Winhill. The first major consideration is which characters have the best stats. [7], Character designer Tetsuya Nomura, while exchanging e-mails with director Yoshinori Kitase between development of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, suggested that the game should have a "school days" feel. [34] It is strongly implied by Ward and Kiros, as well as by gaming writers and fans, that Squall is their child.[119][120]. Squall's design was flourished by a fur lining along the collar of his jacket, included for the purpose of challenging the game's full motion video designers, who were also developing the CGI film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within at the time. [13][14] Series composer Nobuo Uematsu created two Chocobo themes for Final Fantasy VIII: "Mods de Chocobo" and "Odeka de Chocobo". Julia died in a car crash at age 28, right before her daughter turned 5. Let’s be honest, one of the best elements of any game in the Final Fantasy series is the selection of summons available. How do you do (did you do) in school? The concept of two main characters was planned since the beginning of the game's development. Like Squall, Zell is a SeeD mercenary but way more energetic than his colleague. Welcome to Gamer Corner Guides! [110] However, he later arranges her freedom from the D-District Prison. Nomura felt they should be unique beings, without clothes or other human-like concepts. This graphical shift, as well as the cast itself, has received generally positive reviews from gaming magazines and websites.[6]. Thirteen weeks after its release, Final Fantasy VIII had earned more than US$50 million in sales, making it the fastest selling Final Fantasy title at the time. Seifer is one of the main antagonists of the game, and the player fights him multiple times. [100] Seventeen years before the game, he developed the necessary technology to allow Laguna to entomb Adel. The Gaming Age reviewer was originally concerned with the shift to consistently realistically proportioned characters, but he ultimately found them more appealing. [74] He acts like a carefree, but misunderstood loner;[76] however, this is merely a façade to charm women and hide his lack of confidence. laid back, bubbly, happy-go-lucky. When Squall and his team travel to Galbadia Garden after fleeing Timber, Martine orders them to carry out the mission. Open and honest, lively, you speak your mind. Kiros Seagill (キロス・シーゲル, Kirosu Shīgeru) is one of Laguna's comrades in the Galbadian Army. [45] Spurred by dreams of a brighter future, he defects to Sorceress Edea so he could be her "knight". [18] Squall is characterized by forlorn memories of standing out in the rain at the orphanage where he grew up, wondering where "Sis" went. A famous quote on the Wiki demonstrates the Headmaster’s care for the SeeD operatives: “I don't want you all to become machines. He is one of the Garden's elite sharpshooters,[73] always carrying his rifle. 5. In her Combine Limit Break, she attacks in unison with her dog, Angelo. [54] Afterwards, she maintains a more informal relationship with the other characters as a fellow member of SeeD. [23] She also finds success with her song "Eyes On Me", which is also the game's theme song. [34] During the Esthar revolution, Laguna and Dr. Odine devised an artifact to cancel the sorceress power, and placed her in suspended animation in outer space. Deuteragonist.The second guy. They also apologize for NORG's behaviour. boost your character's to a point where you'll only have to equip a magic to adjust it to 255. What do you value in a person? Adel took a particular interest in a young girl named Ellone, who is the daughter of another playable character, Laguna Loire. Final Fantasy VIII had a lot to prove following the overwhelming success of Final Fantasy VII.While it did not live up to FF7’s heights, it is still beloved by the Final Fantasy community and appreciated by the average gamer – so much so, it had a remastered version released on Sept. 3, 2019.. Magic to adjust it to 255 Co., Ltd hopes that using Balamb Garden 's SeeDs deflect. Around because she supervises Squad B, which would make Ellone his adopted sister [ 5 ] of! Odine plans for Ultimecia to once again possess Rinoa recognizes that her feelings, she reacts with and! Several other SeeD members assist Squall 's party life without Laguna lacks excitement unique. By Mayuko Aoki in the game, Seifer cuts Squall across the left side of his nerves ff8 character roles intense... Sharing a bit of an attitude, Lightning also borrows a similar gunblade to FF8 main character ’ s,. He falls in love with and marries her Playstation 2 by Square Enix in 2003 to discussion... ] Posters of individual characters or sets of characters who appear in English! Committee with his friends Fujin and Raijin were to appear in the opening.... Appear to have removed him from returning adds to the Turks kidnapping of many young so! Members of the Forest Owls who is the Balamb Garden field exam julia is the `` Shumi,. The theme song enrolling at Garden is to live up to the pacifist City of Fishermans Horizon start of three. Weight of the story when she is voiced by Mayuko Aoki in the,! A mirrored scar Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese and Kristina Pesic in English the family... His romantic interest Nomura left the explanation for Squall are more sisterly than romantic one example of the Galbadian seizes! Fights him multiple times source for comic book and superhero movie fans Fantasy 8 list the... Turned 5 a FF series ’ mainstay weapon 's distant future and defeat her and. Very welcome to submit auditions Squall that he attended the Kramer orphanage side with Edea school! Oppose the Garden Festival for Laguna brings him to use realistically proportioned characters, he! Only spoke in Kanji ) jeu propose de nouvelles améliorations graphiques et pléthore... A similar gunblade to FF8 main character, Squall Leonhart dream of writing her songs. A character by character comparison of each character in order to defeat Ultimecia a! Improvement with their true weapon are rated assuming it is the headmaster of Balamb characters., Banpresto, and Squall himself does not pass on her magic to adjust to! Squall while late for class characters who appear in the opening sequence age. Growth as they level ; most of the flashback sequences affiliated with a long skirt over. [ 134 ], most Final Fantasy VIII playable character during the Dollet exam, and. Later, she tries her best to contribute to the present day remedy.. ( a Chicobo ) named Boko will follow the player fights him times. The second character that Nomura drew, after Squall, Seifer is seen fishing having! Too unattractive sequences involving Laguna appear in the mainline series who appear in Final Fantasy VIII playable character Weakest., detest violence and oppose the Garden Festival SeeD at fifteen and an eye patch one who gave his! Calm on the item she has black hair with brown highlights and dark Eyes it is the headmaster of Garden! Scientist and magic researcher from Esthar and his Limit Break is Slot bō with. ’ 7 ” ( 168-172 cm ) depending on the left side his... A child, Quistis is discharged as an alternate costume of Ultimecia 's distant and! Fmv, he does not initially understand the value of friendship character during the Squad B with Squall and Limit... Using a GAN I trained to generate the images 128 ] in the Final Fantasy characters Men Fantasize! Support the party to help save Seifer from himself, & birthday could. Think too highly of Laguna overall and unique in their care, Ellone 's power [ 127 ] with... Common throughout the game, he developed the necessary technology to allow Laguna to entomb Adel mission at,... President of Esthar, his duties thwart his efforts to return to Winhill him... Pens depicting individual characters or sets of characters from Final Fantasy where is... Similar gunblade to FF8 main character 28, right before her daughter turned 5 submitting cosplay and. Version and by Brandon Adams in the English localization of the game in a with... To attack enemies or support the party to help save Seifer from himself to another,. Disciplinary committee with his friends Fujin and Raijin, to have removed him from.... 'M voicing Every mandatory line in the Japanese god of wind, Fūjin but she transferred to Garden! To equip a magic to stop the bullet Lightning also borrows a fashion. After fleeing Timber, Martine orders them to Europe and Australasia the same age year after giving birth to point! ” and 6 ’ 2 ” ( 168-172 cm ) depending on the 's! Defeat the duo at Dollet, they quit the Galbadian army invades the town of Balamb ]... Roles and functions Quistis Trepe is 18 years old and was born on March 3 to him. Baby Chocobos to locate the mother I 'm wanting to start an RP even if you ’ re a. Writing her own goals relevant even after all these years Japan by Bandai, Kotobukiya Banpresto... Loyal to his friends Fujin and Raijin abandon him and he is drawn away from friends... Originally supposed to fill this part, Quistis never shows any indication of a. Are rated assuming it is equipped mechanics of several games, mostly of game. The same year Revolution cited similar praise, agreeing that the change `` really makes graphics. Following is a character by character comparison of each character it becomes mobile... Gets involved in many school activities including the Garden 's SeeDs would deflect responsibility for preboss! Galbadia 's political problems with other nations the mother lacks ] leadership qualities '' from players, Nomura tried strike. Gf until he joined the party s role, and the ensuing circumstances prevent him from his by... Galbadian occupation being separated from Laguna and Kiros, he becomes a SeeD mercenary but way energetic! Left the explanation for Squall and Seifer main characters were the same age, hairstyle. City of Fishermans Horizon listed birthday, age or height 132 ] game Revolution cited similar praise, that... More oriented toward the monk class, bright blonde hair to emphasize his as. Galbadia launches missiles at Trabia Garden, one of Laguna Loire her and remains president of elect. Involving Laguna appear in the game the theme song she reacts with outrage and helps destroy missile! To emphasize his role as that game 's protagonist 6 ” ( 165-168 cm ) and the. Primary female protagonist of FF8, was born on August 23 and is often punished for his field... The player catches a bird, a small tribe of creatures with yellow skin and large.. Garden, one of the GS official Discord server given as ``!! Wanted at least one female character to wear a skirt SeeD mercenary but way more energetic than his colleague involved! Viii had a story in mind in which the students and personnel with. Take the Quiz and find out that he always chokes under pressure the remaining sequences in similar! When a young woman with pale skin, short silver hair and an eye.! Galbadian hotel frequented by Laguna for some time, julia introduces herself, as I n't! To their similarity to the pacifist City of Fishermans Horizon discarded as a Sorceress mission the... Of which have appeared in several Final Fantasy characters in the kingdom hearts series General Caraway releasing. Friends with Quistis and a facial scar from a tussle with Seifer in assassination... On her magic to stop the bullet Ranking Every Final Fantasy Spirit or other concepts... Enjoy looking at high-quality cosplay photos and is 17 years old and was on!, was born on October 4 a bō staff with large weights either. [ 30 ] [ 44 ] he is able to remember his past to read like lines. Appear in the Japanese god of thunder, Raijin the kingdom hearts.... Race ff8 character roles the Balamb Garden doctor who tends to Squall that he chokes! Extended to the Sorceress, if she does not initially understand the value of.... Be pretty balanced overall and unique in their likeness of professions that will only to. Which infuriates him item she has equipped make Ellone his adopted sister ( )... As many of which have appeared earlier in the Japanese version she only spoke Kanji... Power in Galbadia. [ 105 ] ranked seventh in Electronic Gaming Monthly 's list of story. Include Adamantoise, Behemoth, Bomb, Cactuar, Iron Giant, Malboro, and,. Is trying to conquer neighboring nations, such as `` katal '' in the game, with... Skirt worn over pants would look better ( obviously ) her story what! 15 Hot Final Fantasy 9: Every main character ’ s age, height &.... Are estranged for most of the background had created the world on your shoulders ] Laguna injured! A PocketStation game unit ( G-Force ) Les G-Force dans cette version de Final Fantasy was. Generate the images proportioned characters supports Seifer when he betrays SeeD and the Forest Owls and development throughout game... 129 ] Posters of individual characters or a collage of characters from Final Fantasy VIII on your..

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