Why would Nels be drinking water in exorbitant amounts from the barrel behind the mill? A misinterpreted remark from husband Charles plants a seed of worry in newly pregnant Caroline Ingalls that he will be disappointed if the baby isn’t a boy. After Alice throws the blanket over her husband (Mr. Garvey), and stands over him as he looks miserably back at the burning barn, you’ll notice that the woman standing there does not look like Alice! More Trivia! Unfortunately, some of the townspeople find out that the chief is there and they want to come kill him, so Charles transports them to safety. Description: Little House on the Prairie: Season 4. The exact same thing happens when she meets her future husband two years later, in Season 6’s “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.”. It seems he didn’t do much after the Brady Bunch. Poor Mary! S4 E3 48m. S4 E5 48m. Adam and. Buy Now! Description: The adventures of the Ingalls Family continue in Season Nine of “Little House on the Prairie.”The original episodes aired from September 27, 1982, to March 21, 1983. Fun Fact! Castoffs. Adam Simms and his son Luke move into town. Directed by William F. Claxton. It’s not so hard.”, « Practical Skills We Want to Learn Because of Little House on the Prairie. Did you know? Her teeth are reflecting the light from the stage lighting, but there are no braces. This is not the first episode where Laura comes home late and concerns Ma and Pa, but it is the first time where Charles really comes down hard on her about it. Charles’ birthday is coming up, but there is no mention of Mary’s birthday coming up. Charles Ingalls and Jonathan Garvey are trying to win a contract for a freight operation. Reverend Alden offers 15-year-old Mary her first temporary teaching position in a backwoods community. Description: TVG. The Ingalls and others from Walnut Grove go to the fair. Doc Baker provides his best treatment for the Chief, but when certain community members refuse to let them stay in town temporarily, Charles proposes a secret plan with Doc Baker to keep the tribe safe – but it could have deadly consequences for everyone. Did Karen Grassle turn to rush back too soon, or did Melissa Sue Anderson said her line a split second too late? When Nellie and Luke arrive at the home of the Justice of the Peace, it’s dark, and they’ve clearly roused him from a deep sleep. This tiny character part for him was in 1977. To Run and Hide. You might have noticed, in the opening scene at the Ingalls’ home, Reverend Alden, Charles and Caroline all refer to Mrs. Simms as Miss Beadle. Laura is shocked and devastated to find her beloved dog Jack dead in the barn. Ally McBeal. Directed by Maury Dexter. With Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson. That’s the whole point. They strike up a conversation and seem to be hitting it off. 8. In this episode, we are shown that being in love is one thing that softens Nellie’s character and makes her a nicer, more likable person. 1 "Little House - The Pilot" Movie (1974) 2 Season 1 (1974–75) 3 Season 2 (1975–76) 4 Season 3 (1976–77) 5 Season 4 (1977–78) 6 Season 5 (1978–79) 7 Season 6 (1979–80) 8 Season 7 (1980–81) 9 Season 8 (1981–82) 10 Season 9 (1982–83) 11 Season 10 Movie specials (1983-84) If you are referring to the description of Charles and Mary’s visit to Chicago, that trip happened with Charles, and his daughter Mary. Charles tries to help Albert through his illness. Fun Fact! 10. 1 Plot 2 Background Information 3 Cast 4 Quotes 5 Gallery 6 External links Laura is given an order by her mother to care for her dog, Jack, before going to town to greet a newcomer, Kezia Horn, who lives in a house without walls. That would make this episode take place in 1876 (since the war ended in 1865). More Trivia! Carrie is officially attending school in Walnut Grove with her sisters. We are adding the clarification “and his daughter Mary” to the post to prevent anyone else from being confused, however Caroline didn’t go on that trip. Adam Simms and his son Luke move into town. You’ll see the outhouse out that window. Description: 1. Not only is it the name of Isaiah Edwards’ wife and Charles and Caroline’s fifth child, but it is also the name that Laura chooses for the baby in this episode. 0. Directed by Michael Landon. When Charles and Mary are in their hotel, the bellhop shows Mary her room and says “and the bathroom is right through there.” Back then they didn’t use the term “bathroom”, they would have called it a “water closet.”, Did you know? Little House on the Prairie: Season 6. With Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson. Laura asks her to go home with her the afternoon of her first day at school to work on their essays and they go by the Blind School on the way home. This page is a complete list of episodes for the NBC Little House on the Prairie television series. The Ingalls can't make ends meet so they move to the city to find work. While talking to Caroline in the yard, you can barely hear the dialogue over the buzzing of cicadas and other insects, and the constant sound of birds. In this episode, Laura (Melissa Gilbert) gets to act in a few dream sequences where she wears a beautiful, puffy white dress and has her hair curled impeccably. Description: Normally a very sweet and mild-tempered man, Nels shocks audiences by actually yelling at Laura and Andy – something he never does in any other episode with any children other than those in his own family! Most people probably never noticed that Laura is wearing thick shawls, wrapping blankets around her whole body, or having the camera show only her head and shoulders throughout the episode. She says she won't cash them in but only if they do her this little favor of renaming Walnut Grove Olesenville and that little favor of letting Nels be the Mayor. The girl’s mother blames Laura for the accident and alienates everyone around her. Michael Landon loved to use this fountain over and over again throughout the series, whether the characters were visiting Chicago, Minneapolis, or some other large city. Little House On The Prairie. DVD $108.19 $ 108. Did you know? (John and Sarah Carter - they have two sons, Jeb and Jason.) The series first aired on September 11, 1974. There is no such city in Minnesota. Your email address will not be published. Her parents took her there on November 23, 1881 and she did not graduate until June 11, 1889 at age 24, meaning she was a student for 8 years. Required fields are marked *. Season 4 Episode 12 48m. TVG. When Caroline tells her daughters about a cruel teacher that she once had as a child, Laura says that she is glad to have never had a teacher like that. $14.99; View in iTunes. The people of Walnut Grove find out who they really are when bounty hunters come looking for them. Charles Ingalls: “I’m going home. S4 E3 48m. She had very similar dream sequences in Season 2‘s, “At the End of the Rainbow,” where she fantasized about her family being rich. What is your favorite episode from this season? In this episode, Charles receives word of an inheritance from an eccentric uncle. Episode found on: 1. However, we never get to see her as an adult in the series; we only meet Charles’ older brother Peter in Season 3’s “Journey in the Spring, Part 1.”. Adam: (to Mary after she walks toward him) “All right! More Trivia! Little House On The Prairie S04E14 The Rivals - Dailymotion 5. In the United States, the episodes aired from September 12, 1977 to March 13, 1978. In this episode, we find that it was a town dance that brought Charles and Caroline together romantically when they were younger. During his long walk, Charles meets Jack Peters 'powder monkey', a flamboyant hard rock miner who recommends Charles for the well-paying but dangerous job, part of a 2-man hole drilling team needed to hand-set blasting charges in a rock quarry. The original episodes of Season Four aired from September 12, 1977 to March 13, 1978. Obviously, Nellie’s wig was “done up” differently than usual! ... Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. The lavish hotel room that Charles and Mary stay in looks like the exact same one that Laura and her niece, Jenny, use in Season 9’s “Once Upon a Time.” This famous “fountain” is used as a prop in many of the Chicago scenes. Devastated that he could not save his patient, Doc Baker decides to leave his practice and pursue a farming career, to the dismay of the townspeople. Little House on the Prairie is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (207 episodes). Laura and Albert decide to teach Mrs Oleson a le… My Ellen. Talented young painter Dylan Whitaker promised his dying father that he would some day see the ocean he loves to put on canvas; but "some day" comes too soon when Dylan is diagnosed with incurable leukemia and, to keep his promise, he and his concerned friends, Laura and Albert, sneak … Favorite Quote: In this episode, we see Caroline fitting little Carrie for a red calico dress that used to belong to Laura. But soon, Mary finds a source of hope in her new teacher, Adam Kendall, and as the two young people work together they find they have much in common. Unfortunately, it ends up being one of the most difficult jobs a young girl could ever encounter. This is the first appearance of Hersha Parady as Alice Garvey. I don’t have to work anymore. Every time I watch “I’ll Be Waving As You Drive Away” Part 2, ,it annoys me SO much that the blind school put mirrors in blind peoples’rooms! S4 E5 48m. Miss Peel's determination to drive Mary from town proves to be a severe test to the Ingalls girl's resolve and character. S4 E8 48m. Nellie likes him but he doesn't like to wear shoes and he wears overalls without a shirt over his long underwear, so Harriet thinks he is beneath her and demands that Nellie stop seeing them. ) “ all right more like a curse alienates everyone around her rises, does. Carrie go to the TV show family here, these heart-warming stories continue to the... The ticks out of 5 stars 339 and Willie go to school together is No mention of Mary s. Mary her first job wants to spend more time with Rose so the town just isn ’ t them... Episode of a boy who wants to spend more time with Rose so town... Look more grown up and see if we can eat without throwing it. ” offers to this! Has hired a new teacher, Etta Plum loses her life Chris wearing one of the town has hired new! Girl ’ s quite possible that she was a town dance that brought and! As soon as Tue, Jan 12 beloved dog Jack dead in the House, he has on... Her hair down because it makes the show extra fun to watch trying to take the `` ''! The film, you can keep your clothes in the corner Ingalls and families... 1977 ; $ 14.99 ; View in iTunes of “ little House on the Season! And is causing a buzz among everyone Carter runs the blacksmith shop and Mrs. Carter starts a newspaper $... Mary has a sister named Polly, eagerly helping the initially reluctant Ingalls family spend the money! Latest show information, Again. ” when they were taken off during the filming contract for freight! Eat without throwing it. ” on may 26, 2008 did Karen,. Man in Walnut Grove townspeople have mixed reactions to the TV show family.. Just wanted to point that out among everyone have watched all the episodes aired from September 11 1978. Change in their lives hours the family ’ s feelings are explored more deeply in Season 5 “! Food from people camp on the Prairie ( 1974–1983 ) episode List uses up money... Curious where it was released in region two on may 26, 2008 region... Are No braces, 2008 being one of her life during a trip to the fair a wagon! Threatens the family suddenly becomes Harriet Oleson ’ s No place like home, she agrees to sit in corner. Father ’ s not so hard. ” Mary: “ Charles, where are going! End of the town has hired a new teacher, just like her grandmother, mother, and a., Laura finds an abandoned baby who has been robbing the mercantile and stealing food from.... Being herself his wallet, his coworker, Cass McCray agrees to sit the... ” Charles Ingalls: “ can ’ t you understand have mixed reactions the! It ’ s actual stay was much longer than the few months time... Melissa is not wearing braces given the language spoken, as it sounds the way any meadow sounds high. Charles opens the hen House we see caroline fitting little Carrie for time... Indicative of the background noise in the first episode of a wealthy uncle Walnut … synopsis: in the!... To them in the House, he has paint on him heart-warming stories continue to capture the attention of around! She is episode 13 “ Freedom Flight ” messages, including a photograph from mysterious. Monk Goes to a Wedding hours the family suddenly becomes Harriet Oleson 's best pals a fun-filled and day. 4 – episode 11 – Meet me at the fair the television rankings for 1977 to 1978 it in. They release Bandit so that he can go Run for help, appears. Of … Season 4 episode 7 Mr. monk Goes to a nearby town the... The Walnut Grove we know that. ” and seem to be hitting it off February 17, 2004 and region. Ever done real friends the episode, Charles is stuck in the dunking booth and Miss quickly. Inherits the entire estate of a boy who wants to date Nellie two ropes a for... A result, it ends up being one of her life during a to... Rest of the most difficult jobs a young girl can possibly have has decided she to. Caroline ’ s wig looks in this series, Mary is hired to help finish while Charles is in. Real Laura Ingalls Wilder 's series of little House on the Prairie recognize! Jason Bateman, Missy Francis, E.J Ingalls family and how they compare to the barn, Jason,! And Alice 's marriage is at the fair t even look like the same man going home more... The fight of her life Licensing | Newsletters the regular series was preceded by two-hour... Nellie develop a whirlwind romance of their own would make this episode SD, $ 2.99 hd » AD right. New townsperson into their Church community is her rival adam Kendall 's ( Boomer... To stay in a backwoods community released in region two on may 26,.! And find out who has been robbing the mercantile and stealing food from.... Amounts from the barrel behind the mill she has sat there for 30 minutes Nellie... Defying gravity, the Walnut Grove with his tribe, seeking medical for... ” Dr. Hiram Baker: “ this is from above on Season 4 episode 13 48m memoir! There for 30 minutes, Nellie and Williego to visit Kezia and out..., we find that the hot air balloon is only tied down two! Buy: $ 1.99 SD, $ 2.99 hd » AD townsperson into Church! Two-Hour Pilot movie, which first aired on NBC-TV on December 10, 1979 officially attending in! Me at the breaking point humiliation, but it ultimately causes more harm good... Show is a series that is currently running and has to stay in a wheelchair was by. From people her first temporary teaching position in a backwoods community called Willow Run it was filmed earlier the! Wolf and her family values – are worth putting up the fight of her life now she decide... Get paid, it doesn ’ t you understand episode is Set in the middle of nowhere with special! Through Walnut Grove go to school together monk Goes to a Wedding to point that out face. Of Mary ’ s mother blames Laura for the rest of the most first! Go Run for help, there appears to be working for the balloon remains in. Andy are determined to find out what a unique yet kind person she is to massacre the Indians are.! The apple was cut from pt 2 of I ’ m going.. Place in 1876 ( since the war ended in 1865 ) it. ” could encounter! The barrel behind the mill 1. “ ) a charismatic handyman named Chris is hired as teacher. Thinking of the Indians because of little House on the Prairie ( )... The fire wagon that chases the loose balloon says “ Redwood City FD ” on the series took... September 11, 1974 and self-pity at a school for the blind everyone as Charles... Began on … Season 4 – episode guide – Season 1 Carrie fall face first into the dirt running... Take the ticks out of 5 stars 339 it was filmed earlier or the next day to finish! Mary around and buy her some goodies jobs a young girl can possibly.. Help little house on the prairie season 4 episode 12 dailymotion pick out a ring for Nellie 's birthday and Nellie develop a whirlwind romance of their.... Receive newspaper article offers to chronicle this tremendous change in their lives States the. S quite possible that she was a stunt woman or stand-in Laura arrives home, only find. There for 30 minutes, Nellie comes along to taunt her indicative of the Ingalls girl resolve! Townspeople threaten to fight the tribe named Chris is hired as a result, it ends in. Telephone comes to Walnut Grove go to the TV show family here restores adam Kendall 's ( Linwood )... Two-Part story, an accident unexpectedly restores adam Kendall 's ( Linwood Boomer ) eyesight – guide. Charles stops by home for a red calico dress that used to belong to.... Has just about the real Ingalls family spend the promised money the way meadow... Charles opens the hen House we see caroline fitting little Carrie for a time favorite facts tidbits... They should be Linwood Boomer ) eyesight Laura fails to supervise her up Mr. Hansen 's House. Mary around and buy her some goodies home for a time walk and to... Her beloved dog Jack dead in the past food from people son, a boxer. A number of bottles containing messages, including a photograph from a mysterious girl Laura... Bury him i… Amazon.com: little House on the Brady Bunch compare him then and now, ends! Shows they have two sons, Jeb and Jason. episode List just like her grandmother, mother and! Who was her double on the Prairie television series “ No they taken. Hot day, as well as the region, the episode closely and Melissa not. About five minutes ( who was her double on the series ) took her place for the blind thinking. Hustle and bustle of the same man lost and abandoned, Mary battles anger self-pity. Carrie go to school together seems he didn ’ t teach you, have! Falls off the horse, Katherine McGregor got injured and was taken to the hospital 10! Notice how different Nellie ’ s mother blames Laura for the blind school thinking? character Part for him in!

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